Chemotherapy For Lung Cancer

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Chemotherapy is the most versatile treatment option for lung cancer because it can be used for both non-small lung cell carcinoma and small lung cell carcinoma.  It is the treatment regimen by way of intravenous injections or oral medications.  Such drugs are used to cease the growth of cancer cells by destroying them or stopping their cell division.  It may be given solely, as an adjuvant therapy to surgery, or in combination with radiotherapy.  The most effective class of chemotherapeutic drugs in the market for lung cancer is the platinum-based variety.

Certain lung cancer patients may also have the option of joining clinical trials for chemotherapeutic medication with their consent. As there is no known cure yet for all types of cancer, this has also become increasingly popular.

Chemotherapy is a primary choice for SCLC and NSCLC cases that have metastasized. Like most cancer treatment regimens, it also has side effects including weight loss, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, mouth sores and diarrhea.  Hair loss is inevitable.