Treatment Options

By Rey Maquiling (RN pending – Dec 2011)

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The treatment options for lung cancer are vastly dependent on several factors including:

Type cancer cells present – whether it is a small lung cell carcinoma (SLCC) or non-small lung cell carcinoma (NSLCC)
Stage of the tumor found during screening and laboratory tests
Overall general health status of the patient
Location and extent to which the tumor has affected the lung and its surrounding organs – the degree to which the cancer cells has metastasized

An oncologist would normally recommend any or a combination of radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and surgery as possible treatments routes for lung cancer.  It is a highly individual approach because the body’s reaction to said treatment differs from person to person.

Typical treatments for lung cancer are listed below.  Please click on a treatment to view additional detail:


Radiation Therapy


Newer Lung Cancer Treatments:

PhotoDynamic Therapy

Radiofrequency Ablation